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Bob McCarron Launches I’m a Celebrity Diet

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Bob McCarron of TV’s I’m A Celebrity

Bob McCarron, the resident medic on the reality TV show I’m a Celebrity, is launching a new eating plan based around rice and beans. He had the idea for the diet plan after he noticed fans of the show commenting on how the contestants lost so much weight while they were taking part on the programme.

Some contestants, including Christopher Biggins and David Emanuel, lost as much as two stone over a three-week period, and contestants that were already closer to their ideal weight, such as Kian Egan, lost a stone over a similar period of time. The diet has proven effective for celebrities of all age groups, from those in their early 30s to stars over the age of 60.

The benefits of the “jungle diet” aren’t limited to just weight loss, either. Show contestants have found themselves feeling and looking younger. It’s only natural for viewers to want to try the diet for themselves. McCarron is currently working on an I’m A Celebrity book that will include recipes based on the foods that show contestants are allowed to eat. He is also sharing some information about the diet on his Facebook page.

More Than Just a Diet

It’s important to remember that the contestants on I’m a Celebrity lead an unusual lifestyle while they are taking part in the show. They spend several weeks living outdoors and facing all of the physical challenges that entails. In addition, they have no access to snacks or high-calorie drinks. The only food they can eat while they are taking part in the show is the food that the producers choose to provide for them.

It is unlikely that someone who has a desk job and leads a sedentary lifestyle will experience the same dramatic results as the TV show contestants. However, there are always benefits to maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, and trying the I’m a Celebrity Diet may make it easier for a sedentary person to improve their lifestyle in other ways.

The I’m a Celebrity Diet is unlikely to be any more effective than a traditional calorie-counting diet, but the additional motivation that comes from following in the footsteps of popular TV stars may be helpful for some dieters.